From our first session and talking about where I was in life, I soon realised I was very far away from where I wanted to be.  Lisa made me realise that somewhere in me, there was a genuine ambition to succeed and to get more out of life than I had been getting;  the little thought I had given on that subject only ever concluded in ‘well I can’t have that’, ‘I can’t do’, ‘I don’t deserve’ etc, etc, etc.  Lisa soon made me realise that no matter what my ideas were, they could be achieved if I focused and broke my ideas down into smaller, manageable steps enabling me to reach the bigger goal.

When Lisa and I talked about the first step or the next step, I would (as is my usual practice) procrastinate and vaguely suggest dates suitably long enough away in the future so that I didn’t have to do anything…. yet!  Every time Lisa challenged me and asked for definitive reasons as to why I couldn’t make that call tomorrow, why I couldn’t book that appointment, why couldn’t I talk to that person? I realised I could, I was too afraid to risk failure.

Lisa also directed me to think about times in my life when I had been successful or achieved goals in all areas of my life, education, jobs, relationships.  I must admit that I struggled at first, only able to think of a few ordinary things that are all part of life’s journey anyway (as I saw it). Then as time has gone on, things kept popping into my head – maybe small things but all victories nonetheless, things I didn’t see or appreciate at the time.  This made me realise that actually, I was capable of so much more, but somewhere along the way I had not realised the value or importance of what I was doing or achieving and certainly never acknowledged any self-worth.

Six months later, not only have I been focussing every day on what I really want in my life, I have forged ahead and built that creative dimension that I always wanted but never believed I could have.  I can’t say that it’s been easy or straightforward – it hasn’t. But what these six months have taught me is that I can focus, I can plan, organise and manage and I can create real achievements. When issues arise (and they will) instead of flying into a panic and giving up (my usual reaction) I was able to focus on what actions I could take to remedy the issue and carried these out.  I also learnt to understand what was beyond my control, and by accepting this, exercising patience and forming a Plan B just in case, I was able to be calmer, remain focused and continue.

By using simple life tools and paying attention to myself, I have achieved more in the last six months that I have in the last five years.  Not only has Lisa enabled me to look to the now and the future, she has enabled me to look back on my life and realise my value which has given me the confidence to improve and achieve going forward.

EB, Artist, Hertfordshire, UK.


“I was 6 months into my new role that I had previously been so excited to get, but had started to feel overwhelmed by, and spinning my wheels.

The initial excitement of the job had subsided and I had found myself overwhelmed, under supported, and ebbing in confidence. Each day felt like a slog, and my primary aim at work was just to ‘get by’.

Lisa and I worked on many different areas throughout the programme, both practical (e.g. delivering difficult feedback) as well as psychological (e.g. building self-confidence). I really enjoyed using envisioning success techniques to set the internal compass on where you want to be. Not just what does success look like but what does it feel like.

I saw results quickly, within the first few weeks, they also built up cumulatively over time.  I found I had more confidence, more energy, and saw improved results at work, recognised by myself and others. From start to finish of coaching was in many ways like night and day for me.

Lisa is a superb coach. Hands down. If you give 100%, Lisa will give 110%. She is genuine and caring. Unrelenting and full of energy. Very talented. Passionate about coaching. And just absolutely lovely.

The sooner you start, the sooner you’ll get results. And you’ll never look back. You absolutely get what you put into the coaching relationship, and I couldn’t be happier”.

Anon, Senior Economic Adviser, HM Government, UK. 


“I went to see Lisa as I wanted to make significant progress with my business. I needed a push and constructive feedback that would help me overcome what was holding me back from “making it happen.” I knew I could do more and be more effective and efficient with the right mindset and action plan.

Lisa was fantastic in helping me dissect absolutely every aspect of my life which helped me see certain things from a different perspective. She helped me tidy up my thoughts and create a plan of different activities that would help me address a given challenge. I wanted my programme to be task orientated and Lisa designed exactly what I needed.

Just a couple of weeks into our coaching, I started feeling different and the way I spoke about what I was doing changed as well. I gained more confidence and more clarity.

As a coach, Lisa is very focused, to the point and result oriented. This is what I was expecting from a coach. Lisa was also empathetic, understanding and extremely encouraging. I felt she genuinely believed in me and cheered for my every small success.  She was lovely to work with. She had just a perfect ratio of niceness, coolness and toughness in her 🙂 I really enjoyed spending time with her and I felt comfortable opening up to her.

I would say if you really want something badly in your life yet you can’t seem to get shit done, go and spend time with Lisa. I have referred my friend to her already!”

EB, Personal Stylist, London. UK.


“I had reached an impasse with the direction of my career. I had plenty of options open, all of which were attractive, but struggled to work out how I could make the decision effectively. I’m highly analytical in my thinking and approach to problem solving,  always striving for perfection. Unfortunately the decision about my next career step was being hampered by my perfectionist approach to solving that problem. I had a mental block and no idea how to overcome it.

Lisa was able to completely unlock my thinking about the direction of my career. What I thought was simply a problem of deciding between company A and company B was actually much more fundamental. Through working with Lisa I was able to get a much better understanding of what my personal values were and where I wanted to take my career too, something I really didn’t have until then. I now have a long term career and life strategy which matches my values as a person, builds on my strengths and supports my development as a person. In this context, deciding between companies A & B was easy.

I saw results,  quite honestly, within the first few hours of engaging in the exercises she asked me to do. It was incredibly profound. I completely changed my approach to planning my future, both in business and in life. From grinding away at every role and task to do my best and step up the ladder, I now look for growth and challenge opportunities that make me more employable and offer personal fulfillment.

As a coach, Lisa is exceptional, without a shadow of a doubt. She knows exactly how to challenge to get the best out of people, and has such infectious enthusiasm that you cannot fail to feel that she is as invested in you achieving results as you are yourself.

As a person, Lisa is great. Within a few moments of meeting her for the first time I could tell that she was genuinely interested in helping me, and that made it so easy to be 100% honest and open with her. At no point did I ever feel that we had a coach & client type relationship; to me it felt like a friendship with purpose. That was a massive help.

Lisa made me change my life for the better. Until you’ve worked with her, you’ll never know quite how bright your future can be”.

SR, Business Improvement Manager, UK.


“I went to see Lisa as my work and family life balance wasn’t ideal. I was contracting, I knew my contract would end in September and I needed a plan.  My relationship with my husband was feeling strained.  The inflexibility of my job, along with the uncertainty surrounding my future made my home life feel really unpleasant and stressful.

Lisa is a complete professional.  Very friendly and encouraging.  I’ve gained real clarity and direction through working with her.  The ideas and exercises both in the sessions and in-between the sessions have really helped me put into practice what I’ve learnt.  I saw results within weeks, at times, days.  In the midst of the problems I didn’t always recognise the positive results straight away until Lisa pointed them out to me and then I could see them too!

Through working with Lisa, I’ve been able to secure a new role which I start in just a few weeks.  It sees me embarking on a new career path (with flexible working!) that is so much more aligned to what I want from life.  Plus some of the behavioural changes I have been able to make from shifting my mindset and discovering other perspectives has resulted in progress at home too with less conflict and improved communications and family time.

Lisa really listens and asks key questions, and by doing so, has helped me uncover ‘obvious’ and at other times ‘not so obvious’ bits of truth and insights about myself and my situation that have been incredibly helpful. My experience has been great and I would say to anyone considering coaching with Lisa…Do it! Just give it a go!

LC, Business Manager, Wife and Supermum!


“I first approached Lisa knowing that I had some really specific challenges in my life that were negatively impacting my general happiness and wellbeing. I needed someone that could objectively develop an understanding of the challenges I was facing, and help me come up with a really focused game plan on how to overcome these hurdles.

Lisa is a phenomenally patient and powerful listener. Her ability to decipher the complexity of what I was telling her, and help me reframe negative thought processes into positive actions was really impressive!

As we progressed through our sessions together, I was rapidly able to see significant progress towards overcoming my challenges, generally becoming less and less stressed, more and more happy….and most importantly, starting to love life again!

It was really great to see that as things started to come together, these positive outcomes had a domino effect on other parts of my life.

Lisa is such a patient and empathetic coach, never passing judgement and always coming up with creative solutions to keep things moving in the right direction. Every time I met with Lisa, it was like receiving a huge bolt of energy that cleansed my mind from clutter and allowed me to attack life head on with power and belief!

Not only is Lisa an exceptional coach, she’s an incredibly humble person and extremely passionate about helping people understand what they want, and how to get after it with tenacity. Can’t recommend her enough!”

TY, Business Development Manager. London.


“Over the last few years I had made significant changes in some parts of my life but was stuck completely with my plans for my career. I had created a happy satisfying life in so many ways but I felt paralysed to think beyond the next week in my plans for work and income. I had moved to my dream city, was 4 years into a really happy relationship and I’d lost a bunch of weight but to do that I’d left a career I had a plan for. I was toying with the idea of freelance and part time work or study but couldn’t seem to make a decision and commit to it and had lost a lot of direction and conviction in my ideas.

There were two main problems being stuck was creating. First, it was creating anxiety about my long term financial plan. This was negatively leaking into all areas of my life. Second, I needed to find satisfying work, my career had been everything to me previously and I didn’t know how to work and love it without letting it consume me.

I go so much from working with Lisa. In my time with her, I stopped theorising about my choices, and started taking action.

On a practical level, I set up my company, stopped wasting time idly/sort of looking for jobs and focused on delivering effectively for my first clients and developing new clients. I also applied for and got accepted for a Masters to develop my knowledge. On a more behavioural level, I changed my morning routine completely and for the first time ever, made it stick. Most importantly, I got really clear on how my recent life changes had impacted my purpose and how I needed to think differently to live the life I wanted.

I was quite surprised how quickly I saw a change. Even after our first introductory session, I found myself thinking about her questions and taking some simple steps to move me forwards. I’m naturally super-impatient for results in anything I’m involved with so it was great to be able to come back after just one week and say to Lisa, “I’ve been thinking about what we talked about and this is what I’ve now done.”

If I’m honest, I think the results were all unexpected. I know the power of coaching is massive but I’d got myself into a rut in my thinking. I often thought “I’ve done so much research and I know myself pretty well, how will she be able to figure it out if I can’t” Of course, as everyone who knows how powerful teamwork, coaching and support can be. It’s always easier when someone outside your world spends time helping you figure it out. Lisa is really talented at this.

The biggest surprise of all was probably her helping me crack something that has been stuck with me for a while. I have always had issues around disappointment in my own work and not feeling proud, even if that work is externally considered great. Lisa got me thinking very differently about this and now I’m making changes that are seeing great results.

Lisa is a great coach. She asks difficult questions, the best kind. They stopped me in my tracks and made me think. She got me focused on moving forwards and taking action whilst showing me how to be a bit kinder to myself.

I found Lisa warm, engaging, easy to talk to and looked forward to our sessions. I wanted to move forward for myself but also found I looked forward to telling her about my progress. She is definitely a very positive force in your life when you work with her.

If you’re considering Lisa as a coach, then just do it. Don’t worry if you can’t articulate the exact issue yet or what you want from it. I couldn’t and she helped get me there and get it done. I found her easy to talk to, quick at helping get to the nub of an issue and then quickly move me to action. For me, she started as the coach I wasn’t sure I needed, but very quickly she was the coach helping me get the life I wanted”.

Jane, Founder and CEO. Edinburgh.