What if there was a different foundation to show up from. One that helped you see those self limiting stories in a different way? Whether it be fear, insecurity, stress, overwhelm, judgement, wouldn’t it be nice to have a different experience of these?

I like to talk about this very thing. To point to an understanding of how our experience of life is created and to help people change how they think about themselves, their potential and what is possible for them.

In your Powerful Women’s Groups, we do exactly that. We explore what keeps us from living a more rewarding, productive and peaceful life, and to uncover how to free ourselves from this through a better understanding of how the mind works. 

It is my belief that this understanding is helpful for everyone to know about. Regardless of circumstances or where they are in life. I’ve certainly seen a profound impact in my own life in many areas. If anything has been a test for this understanding it has been my most recent insight. Moving in with the parents at 40 years of age!

Whilst I have been very blessed to come from a loving family, moving in to live with them for a few months as a very independent 40 year old, whilst I waited for my flat to be built felt super challenging at times! I had many moments of feeling intense emotions, usually wondering why my parents had to be so difficult to live with, such worry warts, annoyance that the developers kept pushing the moving date back and a massive sense of a loss of independence and freedom. Did I mention they live in a village miles away from the city centre where the most exciting thing to happen is the annual duck race?

So it even surprised me how this understanding has actually helped me have a better relationship with my parents whilst under the same roof. 

It might be worth adding that I also moved in with them ten years ago, at 30 years of age. I moved in for 9 months whilst selling my house and preparing to go traveling. I didn’t have this understanding then and it was a very different experience. It almost cost me my relationship with them.

But this time, despite still feeling frustrated by them at times, I now hear myself asking if they want to go out for dinner and seeing how it wouldn’t be a bad thing to stay for longer if the flat gets pushed back. I’ve also developed a much better relationship with myself (and I hadn’t thought I had a bad one to begin with). It’s given me real insight into where our experience actually comes from.

When we know it’s not the outside world, it can help us find more peace, balance and wellbeing in any circumstances. 

How Does the Powerful Women’s Group work?

  • A small intimate programme by application only.

  • Maximum 8 female participants.

  • We create a space together, where people can feel safe to play dangerously as opposed to being dangerously safe.

  • The programme will focus on using an understanding of how we experience life to draw out the power within each and every person in the group.

  • The programme will help you see where those feelings such as fear and self doubt are really coming from (it’s not where you think!)

  • It will help you see your limiting beliefs in a very different way.

  • From a quieter mind, your focus can shift to what you do want, helping you live a full life, not a small life or one full of regret.

  • It’s also ok to not know what you truly want, part of the process is to explore this!

  • Commencing mid April 2020

  • 8 week programme

  • 6 x 90 minute Zoom video calls during the 8 weeks with 2 weeks free from calls for self-awareness and reflection activities.

  • Call schedule will be arranged once all participants have confirmed their availability. 

  • All calls will be recorded and circulated to members of the group so you can catch up if you are unable to make a session.  

  • It will not be permitted to share the recordings outside of the group and a confidentiality agreement will be in place around this.

  • Email support in-between sessions.

  • Live coaching on the call (if you are willing, and I encourage willingness but also respect not everyone may want to speak up). I have a sneaky suspicion you may find a shift in willingness as the weeks progress!

  • Support and encouragement through peers. There is power in being part of a community. Often listening to others we can hear our stories in theirs which can be enough to see insights into our own blocks and our own strengths. Seeing others share and go deeper can empower us to share and go deeper too.

And here’s what the women who have been through the programme have reported…

  • More clarity, peace of mind and balance
  • Crippling debt issues resolved

  • Forward action in starting their own business

  • Career promotion

  • More self love

  • More self-confidence

  • A connection to their authentic self

  • Better relationships

Fee for the group = £550

You will see there is NOT an option to “buy now”. This is because I speak to every applicant personally ahead of the programme to ensure it is a good fit. The success of the group is never just down to me. I play full out and I ask you to as well. For the sake of yourself and the rest of the women in the group. That is how we create a powerful and safe community between us.

If you would like to know more and explore whether this Powerful Women’s Group could help you, please get in touch via email at lisahoppercoaching@gmail.com.

If you would like to attend but these dates do not work for you, please let me know via email and I will be in touch.