I’m Lisa.

Over the years I’ve had a multitude of people related roles and been on a personal development journey spanning three decades and numerous countries, yet despite a flourishing Human Resources career within FTSE 100 companies, I just wasn’t feeling fulfilled. It was only when I discovered the power of coaching and the transformation it could achieve on mindset, happiness and performance, that I knew it was the career for me.

I love what I do and I love seeing the effects coaching has on my clients. It is because of that passion, enthusiasm and love for coaching that I will be 100% committed to serve you in the most powerful way I can.

Honesty is a core belief of mine. I will never tell you something just because it is what you want to hear. I will help you get clarity. I will challenge and question you. You may at times feel uncomfortable, at others you will feel unstoppable. You will probably think I am nosey. I prefer to call it curious.

Some of the biggest lessons I’ve learnt so far are:

Lesson #1:  It takes balls to make tough choices. My absolute legend of a mum has beaten cancer four times in her life. After the fourth diagnosis she decided to get genetically tested. I’ll never forget the day she told me the results. Mum carried the BRCA2 gene which meant there was a 50% chance I had it too. If I did, it meant I had an 80% chance of getting breast cancer and the risk of other cancers increased too. At 28 years old I made the choice to get tested, knowing that if it came back positive I would go through preventative surgery. Luckily the test results came back clear but that decision proved to myself I was tough enough to make those choices and willing to take action that would put me in charge of my own destiny. Sometimes it takes balls to make those tough choices, but I owed it to my mum.

Lesson #2:  Mind over matter. I ran the Amsterdam marathon in October 2017. I was way too over confident about my running ability and did not take my training seriously. My confidence was based on absolutely no evidence whatsoever, other than that I was schools 800m champion 25 years ago and that if I could run for one hour, I could run for five. I got cramp in both my calves 15km in and the rest of the way round was bloody torture. I now know not to be so cocky. I also know that you need to work at something if you want it, that encouragement from strangers can keep you going when everything is screaming to stop and that the body can achieve amazing things if your mind tells it too. I’m pleased to report that I managed to get round the course and have a medal to prove it (I may even show it to you if you ask nicely). Although I am yet to sign up for another marathon!

Lesson #3:  In order to grow, get out of your comfort zone. Travelling the world at a young age changed my total perspective on life and definitely helped shape the person I am today.  I overcame social anxiety in 2001 when I set off to Oz for a year with just $200 and a working holiday visa. At school I was pretty shy and so pushing myself out of my comfort zone, embracing new experiences and forcing myself to meet so many new people really helped me overcome these fears. Since then I’ve been all through Europe, New Zealand, Canada, traveled by train from Russia to Mongolia and walked 500 miles across Spain with just a few things in my backpack to live off for the month. I can honestly say that I have truly experienced the power of kindness on my travels. I’m now in a profession where I get to meet and work with fantastic people all day long. The very thought of that would have set that shy teenage version of me into a mass panic. I’m eternally grateful I pushed myself out of my comfort zone, as it’s only then that life truly opened up to make the seemingly impossible, possible.