A COMPLIMENTARY weekend for professional women, devoted to  living life in an aligned and vibrant way. 

Join me and a small community of brilliant women, in a guided self-inquiry, where we will take an honest look at your current relationship with success; where do you have it, where is it missing, and what keeps it out? 

Benefits to this weekend include: 

  • Space to understand what you truly want for yourself. 
  • Understanding what is holding you back and how to move beyond these blocks.
  • Finding a more joyful and easeful approach to life.
  • Caring less about what other people think. 
  • Walking away with more confidence and a greater willingness to speak your voice.  
  • Attuning to your own wisdom. 
  • Giving yourself permission to prioritise your needs.
  • A different relationship with conflict and challenge.

You are the instrument of your life and your work. If you don’t create a powerful relationship with yourself, your life and work will feel the impact of that. 

Maybe you already have a solid relationship with success, one where frustration, stress, overload, overwork and overwhelm are NOT present, and, I offer that there’s always room to deepen.

In this complimentary LOOK WITHIN professional women’s weekend, no topic is off the table –  if it’s present, we’ll explore it. Business, careers, money and wealth, relationships, confidence, self-love. The whole shebang!

When?  Saturday 21st – Sunday 22nd August from 10am – 2pm UK both days.

Where? Virtual workshop via Zoom (link to follow upon registration).

Fee? There is no fee to attend this weekend

Here is how you can be involved: email me at to book your spot. Commit to attending both days and being fully present with the work. Bring an open mind and a willingness to walk out of the weekend a more powerful version of the YOU that walked in.

Once you say yes to these requirements, I will send all the details over to you, including the zoom link and passcode to join the weekend.

Will I see you there? 

Love Lisa


"We always know what is next by what is here now"

People think they need to have their goal defined in order to be able to make a start or a change. And in comes the frustration, the over thinking, the analytical mind, the feeling of if only I knew this, then I could have that. The truth is, we always know what is next by what is here now. In a client session, my client was sharing about a colleague who always started off meetings with a complaint or a negative point he wanted to make. I asked “what have you done about it?” “What?” she said.  “What have you done about it?” I said. “You tolerating this is not in service to him”. 

My client has a people pleaser in her, she can understand where he is coming from, and can see why he would think what he thinks. Which is all great, and it is not serving him, herself, the team or the organisation to allow it to continue. Why don’t you set the tone for the meeting? What if you were to make a request at the start of the meeting to keep the tone intentional and positive. And positive does not mean we all agree, we can all bring rich, diverse thinking, and we can explore and discuss in ways that are in service and not in judgement. 

My client had been trying to “figure out” what was next in her next career for a while. To her it looked like needing to know the job title or company or position so she could put in an application. What was here today was an opportunity for more courageous leadership. To come from a foundation of loving, courageous leadership that serves and not one of people pleasing, putting up and tolerating because we want to be liked or don’t want to offend. Trying to solve the “what shall I do next conundrum” with her analytical mind has her thinking of solutions from a limited viewpoint. Working on who she is being and leaning into courageous leadership will open plenty more opportunities her analytical perspective simply cannot reach from its current position. From working on what is here now, we allowed what was next to emerge.  Let go of how we think things should be and we open ourselves up to what wants to be expressed. Because let’s face it, we don’t get what we want, we get who we are being. 

"Somewhere in me, there was a genuine ambition to succeed and to get more out of life than I had been getting; the little thought I had given on that subject only ever concluded in ‘well I can’t have that’, ‘I can’t do’, ‘I don’t deserve’ etc, etc, etc. Lisa soon made me realise that no matter what my ideas were, they could be achieved"
"Working with Lisa, I have achieved more in the last 6 months that I have in the last five years"
"Lisa enabled me to be present in the now in order to create my future, I finally realise my value and have gained the confidence to keep improving and achieving going forward"