Your 3-month immersive experience (for coaches only)

What is it?

An experience where we get deep down and intimate with our coaching business. We take a look at what is working and what’s not working and we dive in deep to bring the prosperous coach approach to life in a way that works for you. 


We will spend the time we have together learning about client enrollment and mastering the art of growing a prosperous practice. We’ll jump into the GAP conversation, the difference between soul line and goal line coaching, how to create possibilities for our clients, taking the conversation from the surface level stuff to the deep meaningful space where transformation occurs. We’ll be getting into the different ways of creating clients, conversation, invitations. 

We’ll look at ways of serving our clients deeper, we’ll be exploring how we can create a committed and upleveled client BEFORE we have even commenced working together. We can talk about 1:1 practices, groups, workshops, events. 

I’ll be sharing what I’ve learned from my time in the profession working with some of the best in the business (Michael Serwa, Gary Mahler, Aila Coats, Carolyn Freyer Jones, Michael Neill, Devon Bandison, Steve Chandler, the list goes on!)

I’ll share what I have learned about making a really strong proposal conversation (and it is not a script!) and we’ll expose the limitations you carry about yourself, conscious and unconscious so that you can find more freedom to enjoy the business building side of your practice. 

Plus, whatever else YOU bring to the table. One thing is sure…we are in for a FULL, MESSY, FUN, HEARTFELT & ADVENTUROUS three months!


Light touch support is underway for those already enrolled, with access to an 8 week video programme called Create Your First (or Next) Client, plus email support to answer the fabulous questions being asked in the group.


Here is a flavour of some of the insights and questions being asked so far:

  • How do I promote a workshop and how long should it be?
  • Is it possible to build a coaching business without social media?
  • What would be a good topic to create an event on?
  • How do I know if there is a strong enough desire for them to want to pay for coaching?
  • I’m afraid to propose… help! 
  • I don’t know anyone to connect with
  • How do I turn a connection into a coaching conversation and paid relationship?

When is it? – 28th June – 27th September 2022.

Tuesday evenings (UK time)

We meet 3 x per month as a group and once per month in peer calls

Plus special guest coach appearance!

Plus a very special announcement to be made for a one off event in August. This event is included in the fee for the programme!

What is the investment? £2k GBP 

Next step – email me to let me know you’re interested asap. There are 6 spots in the programme and only 1 remains!