*Spoiler Alert* – Last night saw Stacey Dooley and Kevin Clifton crowned the Strictly Come Dancing Champions of 2018.

Was she the best dancer? Probably not. But with no dance background, a down to earth nature, a supportive and encouraging dance partner, and the level of improvement she achieved from the first show to the last, it was no surprise she was the people’s choice.

Hats off to Kevin too, what a great example of planting and nurturing the seeds, and having trust that the harvest will come one day. Kev’s made it to the final in four previous years and has always been pipped at the post. It was pretty damn obvious by his reaction what it meant to him to have finally lifted the glitterball last night!

Kev’s level of patience was a mystery to me for a long time, but I have now got much better at it. I put a lot of work into growing my mindset. Into training my brain. I started to think about things differently. I started to see things differently, and all of this work has made me behave differently. It changed me as a person, and changed my results. I’ve managed to use impatience to feed off and drive me forward when I need to, but I’m also able to strike a better balance and enjoy the moments building up to the harvest. I’ve switched from an expectation for instant results (which can lead to disappointment, and even worse, quitting) to an understanding that sometimes, some things take longer than you initially wanted them to. 

That simple shift in mindset alone has taken me from feeling vulnerable to feeling excited. Allowing myself to enjoy that time has opened up many more opportunities and I’m now collaborating on a new coaching project in Rome, Italy. It’s been like planting a tomato seed and then seeing not only the juiciest looking tomatoes appear but along with them, carrots, potatoes, cauliflowers, parsnips. I don’t even remember buying those seeds let alone planting them! 

You see, the brain affects everything we do, it determines how we think, feel and act at any moment.  But thanks to neuroplasticity, we now know that how we think, feel and act changes the brain. Essentially, we can re-wire our brains!

So, imagine if you will, the roots are your subconscious brain (the part of the brain beneath your level of awareness) Enjoy the time your seeds are underground and keep watering them so the roots grow. The growth may not always be obvious but it is working. 

Do you think Kev said to himself… you know what, I never win, Craig’s always hard on me in the final, if I was going to win, I would have done it by now… HELL NO! Every year he went into the show with the right mindset, he gave everything he had, he fully committed himself and he put in the hours. Underneath the soil the seeds were beginning to take root, and this year those roots burst out of the ground.