I was asked this week to share more about my recharge weeks. Why I do them, how I use the time and what they look like.

A recharge week is a name given to one week every month that I can take off and spend however I choose.

As someone who really struggled to take time out of their business, and always felt like I should be doing more, like I needed to do more, this is really fun for me to reflect on.

The idea of a recharge week was formed a little over a year ago, simply because I was spending 7 days a week in the joint business I run with my business partner, and it was creating pressure on my schedule in my own business.

My business was becoming what I could “fit in” around all the work I was doing for the joint venture. Working early mornings, late evenings and weekends. I recognised it wasn’t a system that was working. I recognised I was very, very tired. I recognised I was working harder and making less money. I needed space for myself. I needed space from my business partner, I needed a way of coming back into alignment with what I truly wanted and a business model that served me.

I wanted to feel empowered again in my work and in my earning potential. And so the recharge week was born from a desire to create a week for me, to be in my own business, and to create some space away from the joint business. To have something that felt mine again and to not have my income dependent on anyone else’s activity.

These days it is rare that I spend the whole recharge week not working. And it is also rare I spend the whole week working. I love my work and I don’t resist working if I want to. I use the time to serve my private clients and create in my own business. Sometimes the commitment to the joint venture lands on a recharge week, sometimes I take the time back, and other times I don’t. Other times I will take the whole week off if I have a holiday booked or I want to switch off fully. Sometimes I will take a day or two and hang out with a friend, or go on a hike.

One of the added benefits of having this week each month is that it allows me some overflow space. So I don’t end up feeling behind with no capacity to catch up. It’s protected time that I can use how I want.

Having this capacity allows me to feel relaxed and not rushed or stressed. And, knowing that I have a week off to do whatever I want, has me really focused, present and impactful in my work for the other 3 weeks of the month. I often do a lot of my own growth work in this week too.

I used to have a lot of thoughts around taking time out which came with feelings of guilt, and a constant voice telling me I should be doing something. I’m not doing enough. This was big challenge for me for a long time.

If this is you too, I’m going to offer you some reflective questions to start to get under the skin of what is happening. To explore the thinking that shapes the behaviour. And to move into a possibility of another way of being in your business.

– Where do you see you are impactful in business and where do you see you are just busy being busy?

– How much time do you actually have for your business per week?

– What are you afraid of losing if you are not doing work?

– Are you clear on the work to focus on that you absolutely know will have your business grow? (it’s ok to say no)

– Of that focused business growth work – what % of your time in the business is spent on this activity?

Let’s start there. Once you have your reflections and are ready for some support to create more space in your practice and move beyond the feelings of guilt and “shoulding” on yourself, message me with “I’M READY” and I will make some time to dive in to this with you.

Having you burned out is not going to be in service to you, your clients, your business (or those around you!) Having you spacious, calm and grounded will.

PS: Piccie from my recharge week, enjoying the delights of Granville Island in Vancouver